Last year I began a 365 photo challenge (#thebethadillychallenge) as a way to improve my photography. Beth’s blog ( has been such a source of inspiration and guidance for me. Since starting my own photography journey I am blown away by the community of photographers* who are so willing to share their knowledge and most of the time it’s for free. This has been so fantastic for a newbie like me as I feel like I am in photography kindergarten…

My project365 only lasted about 3 months before I gave up. Unfortunately life got busy (seriously, does it ever slow down?) and I wasn’t going to post a picture just for the sake of it, if I wasn’t happy with it. But it was such a useful exercise even uncompleted. And I could definitely see my style developing (which is and I think always will be) a work in progress.

This year there is now a weekly 52-challenge (#thebethadilly52) and I’m hoping to keep this up. In my true style, however, I am about 4 weeks behind… Hello February, where did you come from? So I will be playing a bit of catch up. I’m not one for deadlines and am probably one of the most disorganised people I know. This does not help the ~10,000 photos sitting on my hard drive waiting for organisation and editing… Cue: worst nightmare, bull in a china shop and living on a prayer…

In true Gill style – my new year’s resolution, a month late, is to be more organised! Go!!!

Be sure to follow me on instagram @cameragirl.gill for the latest pics! And also join in the challenges if you want to work on your photography too!

*There are so many blogs that I have come across which have served as fantastic reference tools. As soon as I figure out more about setting up links to these I shall be adding them!

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