Where there is a wedding there will be a camera. My camera. Whether I am a bridesmaid or just a regular guest. Luckily I got married before I had my DSLR, otherwise I may have been walking own the aisle, camera in tow 😉

Since getting and learning how to use my DSLR, I have attended two weddings. One was of my good friends, Nina and Daniel, back in November 2016 where I had the honour of participating in the wedding party as a bridesmaid. Set in one of South Africa’s most beautiful regions – The Western Cape, the wedding was rustic elegance. The Bride even made her own beautiful wedding cake!


The other wedding was  just the other day in February 2017 (is there a more romantic month to get married in?) where my friend from work, Jacky married Greig. This wedding was just outside the city of Pretoria, South Africa and was all about perfect timing – the weather forecast predicted rain (much needed after a severe drought, however, somewhat impractical in its timing). Well the rain held out for their ceremony and the venue, Rosemary Hill, was perfect to accommodate all the guests for when the rain did come down. The skies cleared after about an hour, just after the couple’s professional photo shoot, and in time for them to get their reception started.


As with all weddings, both were truly beautiful with each couples own unique styles coming through. Maybe one day I will capture weddings professionally but for now I am happy to be the wedding guest photographer.




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