My beautiful daughter turns one today.

She is growing so wonderfully but what a bittersweet moment this is. Tears sting my eyes when I think of the time already lost but oh, what precious moments and memories we have gained!

A year ago today I had no idea…

… my heart would be so full. 


… it was possible to feel this much love.


… your voice would be so sweet, your hair so fair and your eyes so blue.


… that my dimples would be next to your beautiful little smile.


… mama would be your first word, dada your second and your version of a meow would be your third.

… just how beautiful your little soul would be!


I knew our life would never be the same again. But I actually had no idea!

I love you my child!



p.s. What better way is there to celebrate than in a cot full of balloons? We all had such a ball doing this! Also a big shout out to #CopperRose for the adorable onesie!




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my child!

  1. Such heartfelt, beautiful words from a loving and devoted Mother. Each picture tells a story. Enjoy every precious moment today and in the years to come. Congratulations on being such amazing parents !

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