Patricia wanted to get some updated family photos to kick off the new year. I joined her and her four lovely daughters for a late afternoon picnic and stroll in Fordham Gardens.

The evening started out with a delicious picnic but once the fairy bread was finished the younger girls weren’t willing to sit still much longer. Who could blame them? The weather was gorgeous with the late setting sun. So they did what children do best – had a good old rough and tumble on the grass…


Afterwards they were keen to explore a bit more and began running down the paths and through the lovely trees until they found the perfect one to climb. The twins were able to find their own way up while the littlest needed some help from big sister, Jess. What are big sisters for after all?


And if climbing trees wasn’t enough to wear them out, there was a lovely playground that the girls then descended upon.


As the evening and energy levels wound down, the family took a break near the swings and enjoyed taking turns swinging, chatting and drawing some of the park wildlife they had seen.


These guys were so much fun to work with. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to capture some memories for you and your family, Patricia.









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