Project 52

I’m participating in #thebethadilly52 project this year. As I’ve admitted before, I’m behind on my posts but I’m slowly catching up… Check in here for updates on the project.


Week 4 {Depth} This little guy just loved the camera, and his Dad. I got some beautiful shots of him, with no effort at all! Here he is using Dad as a jungle gym.


Week 3 {My Style} Is a constant work in progress. I’ve noticed a pattern developing though – portraits! Of course it helps to have an adorable face to capture…


Week 2 {Candid} The trust he had in his Dad to catch him was automatic… What are Dads for at the end of the day?


Week 1 {Documentary} I captured some candid moments during bath time, while we were still using the baby bath and stand. This picture was one of my favourites.



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